Teacher's Chillaxing Cooler Gift Bag

Teacher’s Chillaxing Cooler Gift Bag



Picture this… It’s 7pm the night before the last day of school.  In true Stacy fashion, I have forgotten to purchase end of year thank you gifts for my kiddo’s teachers.   I needed a gift for my son’s 2nd grade teacher, Ms. H., 6 small gifts for my daughter’s 7th grade teachers, and 2 bus driver gifts.  Crap!  Now what?  I guess I could go buy Bucky’s gift cards, some funny thank you notes, and call it good.  But how boring would that be?!  You know that’s the go to gift for teachers and it just won’t do for this girl.   Mama needed to get creative and fast!

Everything in this chillaxing cooler gift bag was purchased at the local yokel grocery store (it was all I had the time and energy for this late in the game).  The first thing I picked out was a container to hold all of the goodies.  This adorbs blue and purple cooler caught my eye right away.   Not only does it hold 12 icy, cold drinks, but it will also make the perfect sized lunch bag for Ms. H. when she returns to work this fall.

To fill it, I grabbed something salty, something sweet, and a little something fun to drink.   Included is a lidded cup with straw to match the cooler, a bottle of yummy lemonade, and a couple of flavored vodka shots (because after dealing with my son all year she more than deserves it!).  All Ms. H. will have to add is the ice.

Of course, while she enjoys her tasty treats, she will have an article or two of substance to read and to help her get her mind off tests, grading, classroom management, and meeting educational standards.  While she reads, she can slather on some luscious coconut tanning oil and let the smells of summer transport her to her happy place (the vodka will help with this as well).

On their own, each item would be pretty lame.  However, put it all together in a cute cooler tote and you have yourself a super-duper cute teacher’s gift.

Putting the bag together was quick and easy.  The Doritos were the first item in the tote and sat front and center.  I crumpled up some white paper and placed it around the chips in the bottom of the bag.  This will hold the chips in place and give our next layer of items a shelf to stand on so they aren’t hidden inside the bag.

The trashy mags were tucked behind the chippers and the cup and lemonade were placed on each side.

The chocolate, vodka, and tanning lotion were added to the front of the cooler.

To finish the gift bag, some decorative shred was tucked in between the items.  Not much, just enough to add a little depth.

Don’t forget to add the thank you tag like I almost did.  I used picmonkey.com to create and print a little label that I glued to the tote tag.

8 pm and I was all done with teacher gift number 1.  Now, it was on to the other 8.  Here’s to hoping I can be in bed by midnight tonight.  Either way, I hope this chillaxing cooler gift bag helps you out of a late night gift jam.  Happy gifting!

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