Boy's Bedroom Makeover Reveal

The Boy’s Bedroom Makeover Reveal

My son, Keegan’s, birthday bedroom makeover has been a butt busting month of scraping, painting, sanding, cleaning, measuring, cutting, and building.  My back aches, I have a decent cut on my hand, and some nice purple bruises, but it was all worth it.  My son is extremely happy with his new digs and I finally have one room in this house in tip top shape.  Of course, there are a few more things I would do if I had the time and money, but I don’t, so I won’t.  Plus, my daughter has been reminding me everyday her birthday is coming up and it’s HER turn for a bedroom makeover.  A DIY Mom’s job is never done.  So, it’s time to put the hammer down and call it good.  I have shown you the bits and pieces along the way, but now it’s time for the best part of any good makeover, the big reveal.

The whole room was given a fresh coat of Behr Citronette paint, which was all Keegan’s choosing.  When he first picked it out, I thought to myself, “Oh, hell no!”.  But dang if it didn’t turn out beautiful, and it is soooo Keegan.

The dresser wall was in dire need of storage and this big navy blue pallet shelf was the answer.  The shelf is uber sturdy and a great width for holding all of my little scientist’s supplies.  In order to make the shelves all matchy, match, I spray painted his original shelves with the same navy blue paint.  The bright orange stool helps him safely reach his test tubes, and the matching orange containers helped tidy up the mess on his dresser.   For his birthday, he received his first clock radio (which is currently blaring techno music down the hall) and a funky green lava lamp for ambiance (his favorite accessory).

His bed wall was just plain ugly and the bed crowded the bedroom door.  So, we repositioned his bed and I built a fun Lego display coat rack to hold his masks, hats, and Lego creations.   Then we painted all his boring black picture frames navy blue and hung them in one nice arrangement, instead of all over the bedroom.   I upcycled a stained memory board by removing the glass, painting it, and using it as a place to display his most prized Pokémon cards.  Now, the wall catches your eye right as you walk in the door and makes you want to stay and look around awhile.

To make the room look extra bright and clean, the closet doors were painted white, as well as all of the trim and the bedroom door.

His beat up 30+ year old bed frame (which used to be my brothers’ bunkbed) was sanded down and painted ‘Software’ grey for a sophisticated, masculine look.  Hopefully, its a color that will grown with him as his tastes evolve.  Last minute, I found this grey ottoman at Walmart to hold all his extra blankets, which he now refers to it as his ‘huggle kit’, and carries with him all over the house.  (Definition of Huggle; when you sit on the couch to hug and snuggle someone you love.)   We kept the rolling Lego bin as his bedside table, but it was given a good scrubbing.

After looking high and low for a valance to match and coming up empty, I opted to make a simple one out of $8 worth of fabric.  It was easy to make and matches the floor lamp he received as a birthday gift perfectly.  We also upgraded the old True Value bucket that held his light sabers, swords, and Nerf guns, for a new laundry basket turned weapon bin.  The lining of the weapon bin was made from the left over valance fabric and keeps all of his pointy weapons from escaping the hamper holes.  Plus, the additional side pockets keep his Nerf bullets and ninja stars organized and within easy reach.

Keegan’s favorite part of the makeover is the paint color.  What is your favorite thing?

This little boy’s bedroom has gone from dingy and boring, to something bright, cheerful, and completely unique, just like Keegan.  With that, I officially deem this makeover a wrap!

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