The Seeds Have Sprouted!

Checked on my cabbage and broccoli seed trays this morning and look what I found.  Baby plants!

Now that the seeds have sprouted, its time to remove the clear plastic covers and let those babies breathe in some fresh air.  Ahhhhh.

Like a newborn child, these new seedlings are fragile and very susceptible to disease.  One of the worst diseases they can acquire is the dreaded damping off fungus.  The first year I started seeds indoors, I lost all of my seedlings to this fungus.  Sad, sad times.

Damping-off grows on the soil surface, and attacks the baby plant where the stem meets the soil.  At first, the stem will look like it has been pinched.  Then, it eventually falls over, wilts, and dies.  This fungus spreads like wild fire but, thankfully, it’s easy to prevent.  All you need is a fan.

Why a fan?  Well, the fan provides essential air circulation and will help dry the soil’s surface.  By keeping the soil surface dry, the fungus cannot grow.  Take that, ya bastard fungus!  The fan’s constant air movement, also helps the fresh, young sprouts grow stockier and sturdier.

When positioning the fan, try to create a gentle breeze, not a powerful windstorm.  Up until now, I have used an oscillating fan to create a breeze, but they are quite ugly, obnoxious, and take up too much room in my tiny house.  This morning, I ordered these smaller clip on fans from Amazon, and I cannot wait for them to arrive.  Not only will they look much better, but they will also give me better control over each shelf’s air circulation.

I hope this post helps save your precious babies from damping off and gives you a successful start to your growing season.  By the way, have your seeds sprouted yet?  Happy planting!

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