The Shepard Boy

Cougars seem to be everywhere these days.  No, not the animal, the women.

You’ve heard of them, single women who are 35+ and on the prowl for a much younger, energetic man to do her naughty bidding.

There is the TV show, Cougar Town, starring and co-produced by one of my favorite aforementioned ‘Friends’, Courtney Cox.

The newly divorced women in town who show up to soccer on Saturday morning with, <gasp>,  <whisper> a much younger boyfriend.  (Go them!)

And recently, while trying to find a man for my recently single friend, I stumbled upon the website, CougarLife.  Which, disappointingly to me, my friend is too scared to try.  How else is this desperate housewife supposed to get her jolly’s?

I wanted Noel to seize the essence of these women that calls,  “Women in their PRIME: independent, sexy and wildly successful.”

It got me to thinking that she should impersonate the original cougar herself, Mrs. Robinson, from the 1967 classic movie, The Graduate.

Of course, it had to have a holiday twist.

Go Noel, get The Shepard Boy.

The Shepard Boy

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