The Warming House Is Ready For Winter

Who only decorates the front porch for Christmas?  Not this girl!  Leave the white lights up, bring on the snow, and ask a friend if they want to build a snowman.  Have you ever heard of that song?  Of course you have!  No?  Ask a 4 year old girl.  Great!  Now it’s stuck in my head.  Anyway… squirrel!

Back to the front door, where snowflakes are bountiful.  I left up my white lights from Christmas and added some blue ones to the mix.  The snowman built from an old fence and the bright blue tree from an earlier project were placed into position.

The kid’s old sled was propped up against the wall and a few winter white faux flowers were poked into the plant pots.  The door still looked bare to me, but I didn’t want to hang a wreath.  Instead, I opted to wire a teal ribbon into the garland above the doorway for a pop of color.

To keep things simple, I kept the greenery I had layered in my pots for Christmas and plopped the little white tree next to Mr. Snowman.

Lastly, came the two signs.  The ‘Warming House’ sign was originally red and I was done with all things red.  So, I painted it blue with craft paint and used a paint pen to redraw the lettering and cover my mistakes.

The ‘Let It Snow’ sign was just another old fence board, cut to size, and hand painted with white outdoor house paint.  A picture hook was secured to the back to make hanging easy.

The Warming House is ready!  Now, can we please have a magical, fluffy, white snowstorm?

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