There Be That Black Gold!

The sun is shining bright like a diamond, my boxer is sunbathing in the midday warmth, and the garden is seductively calling my name.  Here I come, baby!

It’s taken a few days longer than I had hoped, but I finally have time to finish up the garden’s spring cleaning.  The beds have already been weeded, turned over, and raked.  Now, the paths must be laid and the compost spread.  Is anyone else getting turned on?  No?  It’s just me?  Okay, never mind.

My local feed store sells these bales of cedar shavings for about $6 each.  I used 3 bales to form a nice, thick, amazing smelling layer of cedar in the neglected paths.

As I was cleaning up the junk pile in the back of the garden, I pulled the glass window for my cold frame out, and added it to the top of the wood frame.  In the past, I have only used the cold frame to harden off seedlings.  This year, I am going to try starting seeds inside of it, and see if I have any luck growing an early crop of lettuce.  I’ll keep you posted.

Then, it’s off to the nursery to purchase 1 yard of compost, aka black gold.  If you don’t have access to a truck to haul your own, no worries.  You can buy individual bags of quality compost for around $5 per 1 cu. yard.  This is pretty spendy, considering I get whole truckload for only $27 at the nursery, but you do what you gotta do for the health of your plants.   Some nurseries and landscaping companies will even deliver the compost, but again, you will pay a bundle for the delivery charge.

Before I go on, I should state that yes, I know my truck is filthy and my father would be horrified.  However, my son wrote the sweetest endearments on the side panels and, since I am hauling dirt this week, there is no point in washing it right now.

If you do have a truck, but have always been to intimidated to go to the nursery, or quarry, its time to pull your panties outta your butt and give it a try.  Ladies, I am mainly talking to you, and a couple of the guys out there.  It’s no big deal, really!  Drive your truck to the business of your choice, pay at the little booth, position your truck EXACTLY where they tell you too, or the big scary tractor man will yell at you and give you frustrated hand gestures.  Before you leave the lot, get out of the truck and wipe your back bumper clean, so that Mr. Police Officer won’t pull you over for obstructing his view of your license plate.  Lastly, take your time as you get used to driving the vehicle with a full load in the bed.  The truck’s steering will act squirrely and it will brake differently, so be careful. Phew!  Now you know what to expect on your virgin run.

Time to unload the hot, deliciously earthy smelling pile of black gold.  In about half an hour, the truck is unloaded and the piles are spread.  The difference between the garden’s before and after is enough to make me swoon.  Have you started your spring cleanup yet?  I love to read your comments.  Happy weeding!





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