Things That Go Bump In The Night Haunted Halloween Mantel

‘Things That Go Bump In The Night’ Haunted Halloween Mantel

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?  For me, the first thing that pops into this dusty old brain, is a creepy haunted house.  Most towns have one.   You know, that house down the road with the too tall grass, the broken fence, the dilapidated siding, and broken windows.  Does someone live there, or is it abandoned?  The town’s children can only speculate, but boy do the rumors fly.  It never fails, that each year on All Hallow’s Eve, some smart ass punk will double dog dare his supposed BFF, or his gullible little brother, to carefully walk up to the front door and knock.  Who will answer?  What terrible tragedy will befall the daring darling?  No one knows, because no one dares.

I always wondered what was inside that creepy manor in my own home town.  My brother and I swore up and down the place was haunted, even though my mom just shook her head and laughed.  This year’s haunted Halloween mantel is dedicated to that haunted house down the street.  (Remember it Scott?)  This is my crazy imagination’s picture of what that spooky abode must have looked like on the inside.

Going for broke, literally (as my daughter would say) and figuratively, I began by stapling a haunted mansion scene setter and torn mosquito netting to the walls and ceiling.

The mantel itself was layered with ragged cheesecloth, Spanish moss, and plastic chains from Spirit Halloween.

For lighting, I splurged and purchased brand new LED Flameless candles at Costco.  For a little jooshe, I added this cute skull scrapbook tape, from Michaels, onto each candle.  It will be easy to remove when the holiday is over.

Of course, any good haunted house worth a dime is going to have lots of skeletons and skulls, which I have plenty of.  Mr. Bucky was found on ebay about 5 years ago and is one of my favorite props because it’s an actual medical grade teaching skeleton.  The books he is copping a squat on, are from the used book store in town.

This creepy wig head was hand made by soaking paper towels in tea over night.  Gently separating the soaked towels and once again allowing them to dry over night.  Then, finally, decoupaging them onto the wig form with Elmer’s glue.  Pieces of black electrical tape were used for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

White pumpkins atop white candlesticks look hauntingly beautiful.  At first, I left the pumpkins as is, but they melded into the background, so I added a little black paint to make them pop.  I used a black gloss paint pen to cover the stems of the pumpkin and then add a striped design on each of them.

To bring the white theme down towards the fireplace, a few white ‘Ghost’ pumpkins where strategically positioned.  My naughty little puppy, Luca, went to town chewing the baby pumpkin, so I covered up all his tiny teeth marks with the black paint pen.  It looks kind of cool now, but don’t tell him that!

The hardest part of this project for me, and the last thing I figured out, was what to write on my pallet wall mount chalk board.  After searching the internet far and wide, paging through magazines, and perusing my bookcase, I came up with “Things That Go Bump In The Night”.  To make it look like a pro did it, and not me, I used to design and print out the saying.  Then, through the magic of chalk, I tried to replicate the print out to the best of my abilities.  It’s not perfect, but what haunted house is?

To print your own free Things That Go Bump In The Night printable, ‘right click’ the image pictured below, and ‘save picture as’, to your desktop.  Then, print away using your home computer.

Mr. Skelly and his dog, Boner, sit fireside enjoying the ambiance.  Boner was also purchased at Costco, and his eyes light up red, which I forgot to capture on film.

Even my boxer puppy, Nahla, appreciates the creepy the view.

Well, what do you think?  Does it look like a mantel inside a spooky haunted neighborhood home?

Looking forward to showing you the rest of my haunted home in the up coming days before Halloween.  Happy mantel haunting!

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