Trading Card Display Board

Trading Card Display Board

The bedroom makeover for my youngest child, Keegan, continues and today we are working on a way to display his cherished Pokémon cards.  Not just any Pokémon cards, but the ‘powerful’ ones that are 150 attack damage or more (I don’t know what this means either, just smile and nod).   Bottom line, he loves to stash his favorite cards in hiding places so no one will steal them and then forgets where he put them.  As a solution, I suggested we make him a display board for his room so he will know where his precious trading cards are at all times and he can show them off at the same time.  He whole heartedly agreed and this is what we came up with.

The memory frame was purchased at a gsale for a whole $1, although these boards can also be found at any craft store or frame shop.  Once I got it home, I took the frame apart and gave everything a good cleaning.  The glass insert was set aside because it will not be used for this project.  However, I am keeping the glass because it is the perfect size to replace the broken glass in one of my hallway portraits.  Score!

A couple of coats of gray paint, to match his new décor, were applied to the frame and the memory board.

After it dried, the pieces were put back together and the frame was hung above the Pokémon collector’s bed.

It sure didn’t take him long to fill the up the board with nothing but the best.

This display board would also work awesome for baseball cards, football cards, garbage pail kids (yup, they’re back), or any other trading card your child may be in to collecting.   With that being said, this extremely easy DIY is complete.  Happy card collecting!

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