Valentine’s Day Hearts Of Love Tree

The kids are beginning mid-winter break today, which is a crock of crap if you ask me.  Weren’t they just home for winter break?  Anyways, this means I have bored children to entertain and it’s time to get my craft on.


This is an easy, quick project that only killed about 15 minutes of our morning.  All you will need is some foam hearts, pipe cleaners, a hole punch, and a sharpie.  The little foam heart picks you see are from the dollar store, and will be inserted into the ground around our Valentine’s Day tree.

Punch a hole in the heart, loop the pipe cleaner through and twist it a couple of times to secure.

Have each family member fill out a heart with something they love.  If you are doing this with a classroom of kids, you could give each child one heart and have them fill the heart up with things they love.  Or, write something they love on the front and back of the heart.  I even made my husband participate, and the kids and I had a good chuckle over his love of naps.

After we had all filled out our heart devotions, we headed outside before the rain hit. We grabbed a branch and twisted our pipe cleaners onto the little birch tree by my LOVE letters display.  Be sure to twist them on tightly so they don’t blow away in the wind.

We added the heart picks to the day lily’s that were just beginning to emerge from the soil.

One last touch I added was a red spotlight, set on a timer, to light the display up at night.


People walking by have already commented on how cute the tree is.  My hope, is that this little Valentine’s Day tree makes people smile and gives you a simple way to entertain your own children this mid-winter break.  Good luck!


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