Valentine’s Day Wreath & Mantel

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kids!  I have been madly rushing around today trying to finish up my mantel for tonight’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza.  By extravaganza, I mean we are plopping the kids down with a movie and pizza, while we attempt a quiet take-out dinner from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant in another room.  Wish us luck!

All I had left to do was finish the flower wreath to hang above my mantel.  I do love a good holiday mantel job.  All you need to make this flower wreath is a wire heart frame, some fake flowers, floral wire, and wire cutters.

Pop the flowers off their stems, flip them over, and secure wire to the back of them.  Use a piece of wire about 8 – 10 inches long.  Then, place your flower on the wire frame and wrap your floral wire around the frame a few times.  Twist the wire together and cut off any extra.

Work your way around the wreath securing flowers and arranging the petals to hide the frame.

When you are finished, make a hanging loop out of wire and secure it to the backside of the wreath.  Hang and enjoy!

The rest of the mantel was very easy to put together.  I have had these heart gift boxes forever, but the little red votives are a new addition.  They look so sweet sitting on the paper heart doilies.

The display looked pretty sparse with just the votives and boxes, so I added a layer of Valentine’s tinsel, a layer of pink curling ribbon, and tucked a few left over wreath flowers in amongst the mix.  Layers make everything look better!  I also added a little pink curling ribbon to the hurricanes to add height to the short red candles.

When I saw this bouquet, I simply had to add it to the mantel.  My daughter caught it last Spring at my little brother’s wedding.  The reminder of that beautiful day, full of love, happiness, and hope was the perfect touch to the display.

How are you celebrating tonight?  Whatever you choose to do or not do, I hope you are sharing the evening with someone you love.   Like the Beatles sang, “Love is all you need.”

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